The 10 best press-up variations

When it comes to indicators of raw strength and power there’s not much that beats the press-up. It’s the only upper-body exercise you can do anytime and anywhere and is one of the greatest exercises ever invented working all the muscles of the chest as well as the shoulders and triceps and requiring good core strength to keep your upper body stable.

On the right you’ll find form guides for the ten best press-up variations that require no kit so they can be done at home on holiday or the pub. Once you can do 15 reps move on to the next variation.

Want some cracking pull-up variations? Then try these.


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  • yep. actually in the last 3 weeks i’ve put on 12 pdonus!. And i just had to laugh? its what i’ve been wanting for years I went straight out and got the whole set. lucky i could find this video ->

    Danika 17/09/2015 9:05 am Reply

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