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Ordinarily there’s an inverse relationship between the jazziness of a product’s name and its usefulness. Take the dumb-bell: an incredibly effective and versatile bit of kit that has an almost self-mocking name.

The ViPR on the other hand has a name that merges venomous snakes and a complete disregard for grammar. So it’s a surprise to discover that these weighted rubber cylinders with a hold on one side and two holds on the other make a fantastic addition to your training.

What’s most attractive about the ViPR is the way it’s able to recruit multiple muscle groups Ó¬and get you moving through multiple planes of movement. The result is significant growth hormone release big calorie burn and a way of moving that will stimulate your nervous system.

Whole lot of muscle
, ‘In the gym people aren’t moving in a way that they do in everyday life’ says Michol Dalcourt the Canadian trainer who invented the kit and has created three ViPR workouts for Men’s Fitness.

Ó÷You rarely see people move a load through a field of gravity during their workout. Usually they just move the load up and down. At the heart of ViPR training is the concept of whole-body integration [WBI]. WBI means that you are using your entire body to effectively create motion. Treating and training movements using the whole body is more effective and loading these movements will create accelerated improvements.’

You can also use the ViPR to achieve different fitness aims. Shifting one that weighs more than 10kg in big multi-joint movements will stimulate a massive growth hormone response. Doing multi-plane movements back-to-back in a circuit will burn calories and torch fat. You can also use it to condition yourself for sport.

Use the three workouts on the following pages and you’ll find there’s more to the ViPR than just a cool name.

ViPRs are available in weights from 4kg to 20kg and from £124.68 at They’re also available for use in many national gym chains. For more cutting-edge workouts subscribe to the magazine. We’ll give you five issues for £5.


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