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After being ignored as serious fitness equipment for the past few decades clubs (as in weighted bats not nightspots) are making a comeback. That’s good news for anyone who wants to build a body that both looks strong and actually is strong because clubs are excellent for building powerful shoulders and a functional physique.

To help you look like you’re leading the revival we’ve enlisted the UK’s top clubs expert Ben McDonald from Premier Training International to outline the basic moves., ‘Clubs are great for improving wrist elbow and shoulder girdle strength and mobility’ says McDonald., ‘The increase in grip strength is also phenomenal. That’s important because whenever you lift anything you’re only as strong as your weakest link which is often your grip.’

Doing the workouts

There are three workouts in this plan starting with Level 1 which is designed to get you used to using clubs. Level 2 moves up a stage in difficulty while Level 3 is a demanding set of exercises that get you moving in circular flowing patterns. Each set of exercises in Level 3 works a different plane of movement (frontal sagittal and transverse) so you get a complete training effect. You can also slot moves into your usual workouts to improve joint mobility. If you want to lengthen any of the workouts you’ll find some additional Power Club moves you can bolt on here.

Choosing a club
Because the clubs are weighted at the end and turn your arm into a long lever you need to use a lighter weight than normal. Here’s a realistic guide that will allow you to perform the moves with good form.

Your strength Weight
Average 4-6kg
Strong 6-8kg
Super-strong 10kg+

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